Sunday, April 26, 2015

“We are pleased to provide support for the development of a new civic building which will support enhanced social and economic activity for residents of Grand Falls-Windsor and surrounding areas,” said the Honourable Kevin O’Brien, Minister of Municipal Affairs. The proposed new civic building in Grand Falls-Windsor will be approximately 20,000 square feet and will be home to several community groups. The total project cost is estimated to be $6.2 million, with the Provincial Government providing 70 per cent of the total cost. The building will be located on the former Co-Op site on High Street.  

Well let me see now. Talk and development of this Civic/Arts Building has been on going for close on four years with Council. Why is there a need now to object to its development and detailed planning is close to be finished this fall and construction beginning in early spring. As much as I hate to say it the building is needed in a bad enough way for The Heritage Society , The Family Tree and CANVAS. You go visit the heritage society and most things are in boxes because of lack of space. Councillor Finn talks about the   SPCA, and the Y2C (Youth 2,000 Centre) are all in old buildings that need repairs. These are community groups that are based in our community, that their mandates are only this community — those are the groups we should be serving," he said.

Yes but where in a building of this type are you going to put an SPCA or a Youth Center.

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