Sunday, April 26, 2015

Over the last number of years there have been a lot said about Grand Falls and Windsor in the singular sense. It seems people have the impression that Grand Falls are getting all of the cookie from the administration of Town while Windsor are being thrown a few crumbs to keep them quite. Yes there are new homes and subdivisions going up, in the former Town of Windsor, but, that is a private sector initiative. Last year there were social media outcry because  of the potholes on Main Street. One person posted a picture of the new fountain on High Street and compared it to Windsor's new fountain, the potholes. When you compare the original Main Streets  of the two former Towns, Main Street is more of a business district.You have Roy's Tv, Wayne's World, Grants Shoes, Grants Sports Excellence, New Town Cleaners, B and W Meats, Hunter's Framing, Trailways Inn, Fabrique Boutique, G L Audio, as well as other businesses on Bond Street. Most of these businesses are consumer driven operations on a daily basis, serving people with goods and serves for their daily living. In the meantime High Street caters to more offices and services along with the banks and drugstore.

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